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 Oh, please. DO keep on writing.

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Garrett Wight

Garrett Wight

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PostSubject: Oh, please. DO keep on writing.    Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:12 pm

Don't listen to those idiots. They're just jealous because you're so good at writing. They can't possibly understand Dally's struggle, or the pain Edwart feels having his one and only true love fall for another fictional man from a separate plane of existence. Truly, you understand more about life than even the most wizened sage. Please, please, I implore you. Keep writing. You have brought me much comfort in my sleepless nights.

Oh, yes. The tales of Dally's pregnant adventures in Magic-land have indeed cured me of my insomnia, which has plagued me for years. Truly, I shall suggest this work of art to anyone that suffers from the same affliction as I once did.

And yes! Keep telling us of the wretched Dumbledore. Clearly, this is the most accurate depiction of homosexuals in this day and age, for we are all certain that they are either promiscuous or pedophiles. That's what America is all about: bashing the gays.

Incidentally, when did Mystique join the X-Men? I always thought she was part of the Brotherhood. What inspired her to turn to good, and then back to evil? Oh, there must be a backstory here, for I am certainly full of questions.

Oh, goodness, my inner fanboy is showing. But yes! Please, keep this story going. There is nothing I love more than a bad good fanfiction.

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Oh, please. DO keep on writing.
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