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 I wrotes a FTS fanfic! (In honor of the story's birfday)

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PostSubject: I wrotes a FTS fanfic! (In honor of the story's birfday)   Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:55 pm

Hey gaiz. Even though I haven't been around that long, I felt compelled to write a fanfic for this marvelous story in honor of its first birthday. I tried to imitate Dally's immaculate style, but no one can pen a story quite like milady Dally.

And so I present to you... *Switches to WTF mode!*


By UnicorNS.

Daly hadd bin at hogwars a year alriding! she was so Exited. She called al ofhe r freds: Hie, edwart, link, sasue......every body butt that fagat dumbledumbdore. Together they thru a patty fur darlys birthday. But for sum raisin edward und hiei didnt show upp!

"where r edward and hiei?" Dally asked curtainously she licked at everyone sad as a walrus and they then started to feel bard.

"they are fighting" shadow answered massiging her caressing "donut worry their both ok"

dally gut mad. She stated to cry and then tom asked her why she was crying and she was too shucked to answer, she was so debasstated that they would not show up, so much that here hart cutted a whole in her chest and she lied on the ground craying and bleating. She was a pitfall site, frothing like a child with rabbis.

sudanly mustique showed up she pooped out of the three lyer birthday cake like a striper, exsept she has no clothes already so she can tbe one. her eyes blasted with fire like cameleon farts and her moth screemed the furry of a thousand grring edworts. SHE WAZS PISSED.

"wut did u bumblebee fools do to my dauter?" she fused. she looked like Santa risen from the darkest deeps of hell. "you shalt pay for yore insoles!"

And then she dismembered. nobody knew what to don but link had a plan. he was used to heroicks and had a plane.

"hey you gays i fink our first ordeal of biznes is to find hiei and edwart and set them strait otherwise delly will be misrable for the wrist of her potty."

everybody NODDED and then they set out to find Hiii and Ed.


HOGGRID watched the sene outfielding before him, everybody thot he had ded when all the wands were stickers out of his boday but then draco found him later AD rivited him, since draco is very nice and full of compasion lik a venomus rattlesnack. Before hagrid where edward and hiei and they were ducking it out over something.
Hiei hard a small black boxes in his hans and he was portending it from edward. they were both very tumors espicially ed. They fought head to heed lik that one scene from the martix hiei even locked like he could be in that movie with his blake cloke and shinny hare. Hogrid was filching it with a video Gamera. Saddenly hieis sord
floo out of his grippe and stabed haggrid in the bellow but it just kind of stuck there. He had just etten a chocolate cake and his stumich fate was very thick. then he transformed into...ganon, the king of levi!"


Link's poonty ears twitched and he drew his srowd. he sPOOn around and glomped at the trees, nearrowing his eyes and errs. Then, he guestured in the derelict of the Fur Biden Forest...

"What's wrog, lin?" everyone axed as they hooked egently at the hillian.

"GANONDOOOOOOOOOORF!!!!!!1FF1!!" he yielded and went flying of as fastest as his legos would alot him.

"NOOOOOOOOO LINK WAT" TOM followed him avariciously.

Saspuke drugged at Bella and they ran off to. Wen tey all arrived, GanonHagridDraco wuz laffing he had hiei in wun hand and edward in the other and they were both uncuntious!!! "oh no" sakske said "we have to ask quirkly!" and he jumped and did sum ninja movies but ganindrof was more powerful and they bounced off of his beer gut like snakes falling out of a plain. "hes too strong! what do we do now" "now we retort to the power of friendship!" hiei suggested.

and they put there hands together and started singing some 90's boy band song and then they began to glow in lots of pretty colors. they fussed together into an enormoss circle with black and red streaks all obear it. Eyes and A Nose begun to from and then it began to lock like a gigantic chibi Dally!"

Ganondork dried to run, but it was too latte! Chibidealy Openned her moth and socked in a lot of air. Ganondorf was pulled insid of her gapping hole and then she champed down with her vampire fans and his blood went everywhere and it was meshy and cool.The cents of the blud awackened Edwart. His nose tingled like a hyperative chipmonk and he began to ate the blood. He and dally ate the blood together until nothing was left but a stale smell in the air like a human kadabra.


Delly had fallen asleep she was slambering piecefuly in a chair next to the caka she didn't even kno that her mommy had apparated. Wen everyone got back, Edward and Hee telled why tehy where fidgting.

"Cuz we both luv dally and we wanted to porpoise to hur," dey said in unicorns pulling out spackling diamond rigs. "butt thar can only be one!" prostituted hiei. edwart grrd lordly. "and i must have misty's powers!"

"CLAM down you two" adblocked Link, "always resorting to your violins and your farting."

"He is right!" coincided dubledore to the confrontation. "This is a harpy occassion! It's dally's barfday!"

And they all laughed liek in one of dose old cartunes were they maek a joke that's not that funny.And den Mystique finally obliterated! She was very fangled, she wanted to keel everyone but then she saw that dally was sleeping and a worm smile foamed at her lips. She was prude as an ostrich and told everyone that since dally looked ok she would leave them a loan. So she did, and when Dally woked up they had the most splendiculous xmas ever, even tho the cake was saggy.

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PostSubject: Re: I wrotes a FTS fanfic! (In honor of the story's birfday)   Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:11 pm

dat was delicioius!!! will u merry me??? n den hav a threesum wit dally???

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PostSubject: Re: I wrotes a FTS fanfic! (In honor of the story's birfday)   Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:28 pm

wow oh omg what mangificent! that was really enjouable you desorve a big congress for that :Very Happy
i muss ask you tho what 90 song thid they song i want to know for imagine
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PostSubject: Re: I wrotes a FTS fanfic! (In honor of the story's birfday)   Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:49 pm

oh my jebuys, THAT WARS BEAUTIFALL. broaght tears 2 mi eyes, i am in shuck that u can rite such beautifall peotry
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PostSubject: Re: I wrotes a FTS fanfic! (In honor of the story's birfday)   Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:07 pm

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PostSubject: Re: I wrotes a FTS fanfic! (In honor of the story's birfday)   Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:57 pm

You desurve over 9000 internetz!!!!!111!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: I wrotes a FTS fanfic! (In honor of the story's birfday)   

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I wrotes a FTS fanfic! (In honor of the story's birfday)
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